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About Us


We are a local panamenian family that has turned the family actual house into a lovely hostal to receive travelers all around the world. The compromised that we have with our planet is so important that in the constructions of our dream business model we did not took not  even a single tree in our yard. We provide sustainable solutions to our customers and we cultivate 70% of our food with non toxic products 

Our Story

 My mother from Penonomé and my father from Santiago ( PANAMA), built this house at the end of the 80s. My brothers and I grew up here. We grew up sharing our rooms with hundreds of people who my parents welcomed with a lot of love to help them in different ways (students, backpackers, missionaries, children without families, relatives and friends). The house was something like "come in that can fit 100".

Meet The Team


Señora Mayra - Administradora

Personal Joven Capacitado

Our Clients

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