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As you know deep down , as a sustainable hostel, our commitment with our planet is clear and honest. With very small actions we are trying to be part of the change and communicate to our community how important our daily life is.

After all said at the COP26 is Glasgow this year , we got the message , and lets say ; we heard our people , the activist , the civil society bringing to the table real BIG PICTURE of our planet and the crisis we are having at this point of Climate Crisis.

Is NOW the change and as a hostel, as a small business with a big repercussion around us, we are so IN to make this planet look better, right?.


As i always said, the best generation was those where our grandparents were raised don't you think ?, doing their own food, taking care of stuff, being present.

My mother, best known as la señora MAYRA, is the responsable to keep our garden green and toxic free. The staff take care also of all the details concern to the food and the way is treat in our place.


We have a restaurant inside the hostel in case the kitchen isn't your thing; we got you there. But, if you feel like cooking your own meal , you can feel free to grab anything for the garden and make yourself something delicious; everything is fresh and we try as much as we can to keep the seasonal food ready for our guest.

HIGH SEASON is HERE! get your reservation , come to PANAMÁ and visit our lovely and warm hostel in SANTIAGO!. iF YOU BOOK DIRECT WITH US ----- You are gonna be SO HAPPY with so many discounts!

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