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Santiago Veraguas Panama

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

TOP 10 places you should known once you stop in Santiago City for a night while traveling in our beautiful country #Panama.

Santiago is the capital of Veraguas Province in Panama. Located in the countryside next to the Panamerican Highway. Is the official STOP to continue your adventure to the most touristic places in the country like Bocas del Toro, Chiriqui (Volcan or Boquete), Sona (Santa Catalina), Azuero (Pedasi-Venao), Santa Fe, Torio, even Costa Rica or Panama City.


1. RENT A BIKE at Travelers Hostal @travelershostels

Travelers Hostal is located 15 minutes walking fro the central bus station in Santiago. A very cool place to hang out, relax in a hammock, drink a beer, meet people and rent a bike to do your own BIKE CITY TOUR! Find us in Google Maps.

2. Visit the beautiful Normal School and its nice Garden perfect for ridding bikes around it.

Declared a National Historical Monument in 1984. Its contours revive the Spanish colonial era. The entrance is guarded by 2 lions carved by Luis Cacelli, the hall by four eagles carved in the upper part of the lobby. There is a statue in honor of Urraca a historical character from Veraguas and a symbol of the struggle of the original peoples of Panama against the Spanish colonization.

3. Go watch a baseball game at the Omar Torrijos Stadium (Estadio Omar Torrijos)

The stadium is considered the home of “Los Indios” – the Veraguas baseball team. It has the capacity to hold more than 7,000 spectators and fans. It is the best stadium in the inner country and its projection is closer to professional baseball. It has 200 parking spaces, clay infield, 2 levels of bleachers, press boxes and VIP, giant LED screen, electronic boards, referee rooms, conference halls and commercial areas for sale of food and beverages.

4. Try the cheapest food in downtown at THE PUBLIC MARKET called "El Mosquero"

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